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If you have a medical condition that might affect your ability to take part or follow instructions, please let us know so we can adapt the course to suit your requirements.    Please note that the ground in the orchard is rough and there is a step into the toilet facilities (which is a compostable toilet).

We need to be also aware if you are particularly tall or take a larger size, in order to accommodate an appropriate bee suit.

Please let us know about food allergies/intolerances.

Smoking is not permitted on site.

Participants must be over 18 years old.

By attending the course or experience you agree for Sussex Bee Farm to take and use any photos of you on social media or advertising regarding promoting the course or experience in future.  The participant can answer refuse by answering 'no' on the application form. 


There is always a chance that you may be stung during a course or experience.     Sussex Bee Farm will take reasonable steps to ensure this doesn't happen, and we of course have PLI.   



Vouchers purchased prior to 11/05/24:

Vouchers are valid for the beekeeping experiences held in the 2024 beekeeping season only and must be used within this period (April 2024-September 2024).   Rolling over the voucher to the 2025 season is at the sellers discretion.

All vouchers:

The voucher is non refundable,  and can not be redeemed for a cash alternative, or to purchase honey or cosmetics, or any other item the seller offers - except,  at the seller's discretion,  it may be transferred to be used against a beekeeping course in whole or in part.    The seller has the right to refuse this transfer.

The voucher can not be transferred to another individual. 

Any cancellation of Beekeeping Experiences in their entirety a full refund will be given to the purchaser of the voucher.



Beekeeping is weather dependent so there may be times when unfortunately we have to postpone and rearrange the date.  Sometimes this is a short notice as we try to judge the ‘great british weather!’    Usually this is because of imminent rain but may also be because of other weather conditions that might make the bees grumpy, ie lack of forage or an ongoing wet Spring.

We will try to give as much notice as possible but the decision may happen on the day itself.

An alternative date will be offered and we’ll work hard to accommodate you.   This is not a cancellation of the experience at this point and no refund will be given until further dates are explored. 

Sussex Bee Farm is not liable for any losses incurred due to postponement.   Even if postponed on the day.   By purchasing the Beekeeping Experience you are agreeing that you understand that beekeeping is weather dependent and the experience may get cancelled at very short notice.   All efforts will be made to provide an alternative date so Sussex Bee Farm is not liable for any losses incurred including hotel or travel expenses.    No compensation will be offered for you having to change your plans.    If you need to book hotels please do so on a flexible basis.

Please note; in very unusual circumstances a course/experience may be postponed more than once.



If you cancel:

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if you need to cancel your course.    We understand that life happens and things get in the way.   

If you cancel more than 30 days in advance a full refund will be given less £20 of the course fee for administration.

If you cancel less than 30 days in advance no refund will be given.  

If you want to transfer:

We will try fit you into an alternative date where possible.    If you can not attend on any available date this will be seen as a cancellation and the section above applies.

If you want to transfer your course/experience to a different day with more than 30 days notice no charge will be made.

If you need to transfer your course/experience to a different day less than 30 days notice a £20 fee will apply.

No transfers can be made at less than 48 hours notice because hives and food have already been prepared.   If you do not attend no refund will be given.

Beekeeping Experiences are non transferable to another individual without prior agreement from Sussex Bee Farm.    This is because we need to know who is coming in order to provide the best and safest experience.


Sussex Bee Farm is not liable for any losses incurred if you have to cancel or transfer your course for any reason.  


If we cancel:

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel in entirety a full refund will given.   

We reserve the right to cancel the course/experience if there aren't sufficient attendees booked in on a course. We require a minimum of 5 attendees per day. If there isn't enough bookings 7 days before the planned training date, we will cancel the training day and fully refund each customer or arrange an alternative suitable date.

Sussex Bee Farm is not liable for any losses incurred including hotel or travel expenses.    No compensation will be offered for you having to change your plans.    If you need to book hotels please do so on a flexible basis.

Sussex Bee Farm is not liable for any losses incurred if the course or experience has to be cancelled due to DEFRA guidance (likely an animal disease control situation), Government guidance (for example covid) or force majeure.



If you fail to attend on the scheduled appointment time/day without prior notice (see above)  then this will be treated as forfeiture of the place and no refunds or re-booking will be permitted. Significant preparation is required for getting bees ready for the experience, as well as the purchase of refreshments and food, so no refund or rebooking will be given in this case.   



Some actions will result in our refusal to allow you to participate in the activity.   These actions include, but are not limited to:  Not having the appropriate clothing (see information sheet),  not adhering to the health and safety rules when near the hives, not disclosing an allergy to bee stings until the day or refusal to sign the waiver.    A refund will not be given.    Failure to respect the bees or staff will result in you being asked to leave.



All participants will be asked to sign a waiver on the day.   

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