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This voucher covers the entire cost of our Beekeeping Experience 2024.


The recipient will receive a personalised voucher pack containing the voucher, information on the experience itself and how to book.


We understand you may want this gift to be a surprise (lucky them!) so the voucher pack can be sent either direct to the recipient or to yourself. No details of the cost will be included in the pack. Please fill out the boxes on this page. The recipients details will not be used to contact them so the surprise will not be spoilt.


There are currently 6 dates available in Spring 2024. When these start booking up more will be added through out the Summer.


It can take up to a week to process these orders so please leave plenty of time.


Full terms & conditions can be found here.


Our Beekeeping Experiences are for over 18's only.




  • This voucher is for Beekeeping Experiences held during the 2024 beekeeping season only and must be used during this period  (April 2024-September 2024 inclusive).    Rolling over the voucher to the 2025 season is at the sellers discretion and may incur additional charges. 


    The recipient will be over 18 before the course date in 2024. 


    This voucher is non-refundable. 


    This voucher can only be transferred to another recipient on request. 


    This voucher can not be redeemed for cash alternative, or to purchase honey or cosmetics, or any other item the seller offers except that at the sellers discretion and if spaces and dates allow the voucher may be transferred to be used against a beekeeping course during the 2024 season as outlined above (whole or part value depending on the course fee).   The seller has the right to refuse this transfer. 


    The recipient will be asked to sign further terms & conditions and to confirm they are not allergic to bee stings for insurance purposes.  


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