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Our local soft set honey has the smooth consistency of butter and is perfect on toast or crumpets.   Made the old fashioned way this honey is churned to perfection.    Winner of 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards. 


Our Sussex raw small batch honey is not blended or heat pasteurised, and is only minimally filtered so it retains the benefits that the bees and nature intended.


We are passionate about are bees. When you buy our honey you can be assured that you are supporting British Beekeeping and the Sussex Countryside.


340g / 12oz


Unpasteurised 'raw' honey is not suitable for babies under 12 months.





  • Yes, however  ‘Raw honey’ is not defined in food legislation (Honey Regulations 2015).      The term ‘raw honey’ was created by consumers to distinguish between “proper” honey and “supermarket honey” with “proper” honey being of known origin, unpasteurised and only minimally filtered and processed.   So yes, by this consumer definition our honey is considered raw.


    Large honey producers pasteurise their honey sometimes as high as 80’c thereby destroying the nutrient antioxidant qualities (enzymes, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, vitamins and aminoacids).    They filter it to remove most of the pollen grains and mix different honeys to create a uniformed taste.    


    We currently have the term ‘raw’ on our labels as this was helpful to our customers a few years ago.   We will be replacing this with ‘unpasteurised’ going forward as there is now a greater public understanding of honey.



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