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THE BEES OF SUSSEX, James Power (hardback book)


A brand new guide to the incredible diversity of wild bees in Sussex, with photographs, maps, and a glimpse into the life of every species. 


The Bees of Sussex is many things: a glimpse into the mysterious lives of pollinators, a deep dive into every one of the species which finds a home here, a snapshot of nature at a worrying point in time, and a beautifully illustrated appreciation of the local habitats our countryside provides.

Whether you’re simply curious, a seasoned observer with a net and microscope, or an aculeate specialist from beyond our borders, you’re invited to find something to enjoy here.


Sussex is one of the richest and most diverse counties in Britain.   With chalky cliffs, rolling hills and dense ancient woodland, it’s also a county exhibiting the effects of climate change in its bee populations.    Spoiler - its not all doom and gloom.   The Bees of Sussex highlights the population shifts and behaviour adaption that is happening right before our eyes. 


The authors proceeds of the sale of this book are being donated to Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society and the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.


SHIPPING:  If you would like us to bring your copy to one of our farmers markets please purchase online, and add a note in the cart page - we'll refund the postage.  


About the Author:  James Power spent much of his childhood exploring the wide-open spaces of Salisbury Plain.   The freedom to roam for hours on end and discover populations of Marsh Fritillary butterflies, Stone Curlews & Fairy Shrimps sparked an interest which ultimately led to a career in nature conservation.  


His career as a nature conservationist has lasted almost 40 years and has included spells with two different Wildlife Trusts, Defra, the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust, the National Trust, and even the National Parks department in Malawi.   Within Britain, he’s worked in Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Shropshire, and now – the perfect place to land – Sussex.



The Bees of Sussex

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