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DID YOU KNOW, there are 229 species of bee in Sussex?   No, neither did we until the fantastic The Bees of Sussex was released earlier this month.

When we’re asked by our customers how they can help honeybees we reply that it’s the wild bees, not the domesticated honeybee, that need our help.

   “Take care of the habitat and the bees will take care of themselves”.    

In Sussex however, that is easier said than done.    We face the combined challenges of overpopulation and climate change;   And our beautiful county is uniquely diverse with 7 distinct areas of topography and vegetation each with its own management needs and species it supports:

The chalky grasslands of the South Downs culminate at the cliffs at Seaford and Cuckmere;  the coastal plains of Chichester through to Brighton; the Wealden Greensand of Petworth with its heathlands gives way to the sticky clay of the Low Weald near Horsham; The High Wealds stunning ancient woodlands at Ashdown; and finally the salt marshes and dunes at Pevensey and Rye   - - each area attracts different bee species adept at utilising the distinct flowers and vegetation growing in each area.    


Using stunning photographs and easy to understand maps The Bees of Sussex represents more than just a field guide to bee species as the author James Power has collated our counties records past and present to create a dedicated snapshot of the state of our bee population as it faces uncertain times.    


From the territorial Carder Bee, the rediscovered Downland Furrow Bee to, the parasitic Cuckoo Bees that as their name suggests - take over other bees’ nests as their own - this book is a must for anyone wanting to improve their bee identification skills.    

Armed with a copy of The Bees of Sussex any bee lover, entomologist or gardener can gain a better understanding of how the existence of every one of the 229 species is incredibly fragile and intertwined.   

We recommend combining this book with Gardening for Bumblebees by Sussex University's Professor Dave Goulson for the ultimate understanding of how you can do your part to make sure the species count of 229 doesn’t decrease with each new edition of the book..


You can buy The Bees of Sussex direct from us below or at our farmers markets. Once our copies have gone please follow this link to amazon.   We’ll make a small commission from amazon so you’ll also be supporting honeybees too! You can also buy the amazing Gardening for Bumblebees here.




The authors proceeds of the sale of this book are being donated to Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society and the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.


Beekeeping is a continuous learning journey, and there's only so much room in my head. If I've got something wrong please let me know. :)

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